Taking Advantage of Opportunities.

Taking Advantage of Opportunities.

Taking Advantage of Opportunities
by Rick Chitwood
Rick & Dianne Chitwood

Following is my response to an email I received from someone who was experiencing a very bad time in his financial life. I am not going to share his email to protect his privacy. I will tell you that he had a two year period where he lost his job and many financial problems led to him being homeless and losing everything he owned. Following is my reply to him.

I am very sorry to hear about your current financial situation I can totally empathize with your situation. Not only have I been there, done that, but I have seen similar situations often during my past 31 years in this industry.

Since you asked me for my advice, I will be happy to share my opinions with you. However I am not going to give you some “Hang in there” speech or tell you I am going to pray for you.

Since I sincerely wish to help you, I am going to be honest with you and share my honest opinions. You know me well enough to expect nothing less from me.

I am going to take the time here to share a few stories with you which I believe could be very beneficial and help to make my point and helping you determine where you want to go from here.

My first story is not a real live experience, but my last three stories are from my real life.

Taking advantage of an opportunity:

This is a story about a flood and an elderly lady.  The rains came and the waters began to rise.  The county ordered that the area be evacuated.  The fire department drove around looking for people who needed assistance in the evacuation.

The water was about 6-8” deep in the streets when a truck stopped and offered to help the elderly lady evacuate to safety.  The elderly lady declined their assistance stating, “I will be fine. God will protect me.”

The rain continued to fall and the water continued to rise.  When the water had reached the house and covered her first floor, a rescue boat floated by.  The rescuers offered to assist the elderly lady and help her to evacuate in the boat.

Again the lady refused their help stating, “Thank you, but the Lord will take care of me.”

The rain continued to fall and the water continued to rise. When the water got to the roof of the house, the old lady climbed out the upstairs window onto the roof. A helicopter searching the flood area noticed the elderly lady on the roof and dropped a rope ladder and ordered the lady to climb to safety.

Once again, the lady refused assistance stating, “God will protect me.”

The rain continued to fall and the water continued to rise. When the water was over the roof and the elderly lady was about knee deep in water, the current was so swift that she realized she could not hold on much longer.  She cried out, “Lord, why have you forsaken me?”

Just then, the clouds parted and a bright light shown through down to the elderly lady.  A booming voice said, “I have not forsaken you.  I sent you a truck, and boat and a helicopter.  What else do you want from me?”

The point is that God does not close one door without opening another. He presents each of us with opportunities every day. It is up to us to not only recognize the opportunity but to take action.

Over the years I have presented you with what I sincerely believe has been great opportunities, but you have chosen not to take action.

My Story:

I will share a brief summary of my story here just to make a point.

I was the CEO of a successful computer company when we lost everything we had to a con man. We lost our home, our life savings, our business and had to pull three kids out of college. After fighting in the courts we found ourselves with over $500,000 of debt because of the con man.

That was when I was introduced to Network Marketing. Problem is that it cost $1,540 to join my first MLM. I did not have $1,540.  I did not have $10.  But I was not going to let the opportunity pass me by.

Because I found a way to make it happen, I went on to become a top income earner in that company and three more companies and retire with a six figure residual income.  That experience has made me very empathetic to other people in similar situations and has made me want to help when I can.

My point is that where each of us are today is the direct result of how we react to the situations we find ourselves in. Where we will be in 2-5 years will be the direct result of how we react to what happens to us today.

Mississippi Story:

Bill Clinton was President. He was on the Today Show and mentioned a county in Mississippi which was the most economically depressed county in the country.

A few day later, I was on our weekly Monday morning Platinum Conference Call when the CEO was not happy about the fact that sales were dropping and he felt the Platinum’s were not working as hard as they should.

The Platinum’s began to make excuses for their drop in production and most were blaming the economy, the high lay offs and rising prices.  I did not agree with their excuses, and because I was the only Platinum who’s business was growing instead of declining, I found myself on one side of the argument with all of the other Platinum’s on the other.

Finally out of frustration, I put my foot into my mouth.  I told them that a down time in the economy offered a greater opportunity to the MLM industry.  I told them about this county in Mississippi which was so depressed and I said that Dianne and I were going to head to Mississippi and build a business in that county to prove that the economy was not a valid excuse, and in fact presented an opportunity.

We loaded up the Motor Coach and headed for Mississippi. We had a distributor in Mississippi and that person knew people who lived in that county. She set up meeting for us for a Saturday opportunity meeting. But first we were to meet with a few people on a Wednesday night to prepare for the Saturday meeting.

We met at a beauty salon at 9:00p.m. We could not meet until after Wednesday evening church services. While Dianne was speaking to the women in the front part of the salon, I was in the back setting up for my presentation to the women.

One of the women came back to where I was to confront me. She sat down and shared her story with me. She said, “I want you to know you are wasting your time because we can’t afford the $399 cost of the business kit to get started. She said her husband of more than 20 years had run off with a younger woman; she was taking care of her daughter who was on a waiting list for a kidney transplant; to make ends meet she was driving a school bus every morning and every afternoon; she worked at the beauty salon during the day six days per week; she worked a Wal Mart on Sundays.

Instead of feeling sorry for her, I saw her as someone who really needed the opportunity I had to share.  I was driving a $250,000 Motor Coach and towing a new Lincoln Towncar (LTC) on a sixteen foot trailer behind.  Since she had earlier commented on the car, it gave me an idea to try to get the point across.

I asked her that if I could show here a way she could purchase a new LTC for only five $500 could she come up with the money.  The only two requirements were 1) the offer was available for only 24 hours, and 2) she could not sell the car for two years. I asked could you come with the $500 by tomorrow.  She said she could.

I told her that first of all, she was not going to be able to purchase a $40,000 LTC for only $500, but even if she could, she could not afford the insurance or taxes or other expenses.

Since we have established that she could come up with $500 if she saw a value, why would she want to put that $500 into something she could not afford, when she could instead invest $399 in herself and start a home business with the potential of building a six figure residual income?  Why not build a business an build an income to be able to purchase the LTC.

The lady who owned the beauty salon knew a lady who’s family owned a local TV station.  We were making an impressive showing in that town with our Motor Coach and our LTC.  We were actually interviewed on a 30 minute TV show to promote our Saturday meeting and opportunity for the people of that county to find a solution to their financial problems.  It is good for them that Dianne and I were sincere in our desire to help the people in that county and were not running a scam.

When we left town, the lady who told me she could not afford, it not only purchased a $399 business kit but so did her son. In a very short period of time she was one two Gold Distributors and a Silver Distributor in that town. About 10 of them showed up at the next annual convention.

Building in that county turned out to be a very wise move on my part.

North Carolina Story:

We went to North Carolina to put on a Super Saturday Overview and Training for one of our more active distributors. After the session, I was approached by a young man. He told me he was very motivated by the presentation and felt that he could benefit by becoming a distributor and building his own business. All the time we were talking his wife and two kids were tugging at him telling him they needed to go.

He shared his story with me. He said that he had his own business teaching inline skating and an injury had made it impossible for him to continue his business. He had lost his business. They had repossessed his car, and the following week they were to be evicted from their home.

He told me that not only did he not have the $399 to purchase the business kit, but he did not even have the $45 to purchase the customer kit.

I asked him how much money he did have. He reached in his pocket and pulled out $33.  He said that was his last $33 in the world.  I asked him just how serious he was about doing something to make a change in his financial situation.  He said he was desperate and ready to do whatever it takes.

I told him that if he were serious, and coachable and ready to make a commitment, I could help.  I told him that I had trial bottles of our main product which cost $3 each, and they retail value was $6 each.  I told him I would take his last $33 and sell him 11 trial bottles which he could sell and double his money.  He could then use that money to purchase more trial bottles to sell and he could raise the money to invest in his business.  He agreed and I gave him 12 bottles for his $33. (I know, I gave him one for free.)

He went out and by the end of the day he had sold all 12 bottles. The next day he went back to his upline distributor and purchased a case of trial bottles. In the next few days he sold all of his bottles and purchased the $45 customer kit and more product to sell. The then raised enough month to purchase the business kit and went on to build a good business.

The next time I saw him was at the Annual Convention. He had a growing business and was able to afford transportation, lodging and convention registration.

He had succeeded because he made the right decision and took advantage of the opportunity when it was presented.

He did not use his desperate financial situation as an excuse for not investing in a business. Instead he used his financial situation as a reason for investing in a home business.

I know this has been a lengthy reply to your request for help, but this is a very important point in your life and I did not want to give you an incomplete answer.

Over the years I have offered to help you. I have offered to get you started at no cost to you and to help you build a successful residual income. I have offered to travel to you for training and to share the opportunity with your prospects.

For whatever reason, you have chosen not to accept my offers of help. I am confident I can help you as I have helped so many others. But it will take a commitment on your part. I will not do your work for you but I will help you. I am willing to make a commitment to the success of your business equal to the commitment you are willing to make to the success of your business. You must be coachable, and willing to follow a simple proven system followed by the top income earners in my company. You must be ready to make a commitment and not make excuses.

If the timing is right for you now, contact me.  If the timing is not right, I will be here for you next year or whenever the timing is right.

I hope you accept this email in the positive way in which it was intended and nothing I have said has offended you.

I look forward to hearing from you and regardless of your decision, I wish you the very best.

God bless.

Rick – Paying it Forward

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