How to Handle the “NO’s”

How to Handle the “NO’s”

Rick & Dianne Chitwood

Do you know what is one the most common reason why people fail in MLM?  They can’t handle the NO’s.  They don’t understand the value of the NO’s.  One of the most important parts of your business is the NO’s.  You can’t be successful without NO’s.  The more NO’s you get the more yes’ you get.

Why are the top income earners in your company making more money than you? It is because they have gotten more NO’s than you, and they did not give up

You need to learn how to embrace the NO’s.

Let me give you an example. Let’s assume you will get 90% NO’s and 10% YES’.  How many NO’s do you want to get. The answer is “as many as possible”.

I am going to share several examples of how I have shared the value of NO’s over the years.

Here is one example:  If you speak to 1,000 people, 900  will say NO, and 100 will say yes.

Assume that after speaking to 1,000 people with a 90% rejection rate you are making $10,000 per month.  Some people will mistakenly think that they are getting paid for the 100 YES’.  You are getting paid for the 1,000 you spoke to.  You would not have the 100 YES’ without the 900 NO’s.  Therefore you don’t get paid for the YES’ you get paid for speaking to 1,000 people. 
Therefore each person you speak with is worth $10.
$1,000 = 100 YES’
$9,000 = 900 NO’s
$10,000 Total

So the NO’s pay you $9,000 while the YES’ pay you $1,000.

Every time you get a NO, tell yourself you just made another $10.

The NO’s are worth a lot more to your successful business than the YES’.  You need the NO’s.  Embrace them!

The more NO’s you get, the more excited you should get because you are getting closer to your YES’.

If you believe this, you will be motivated to get more NO’s.  If you don’t believe this you will be frustrated by the NO’s.

I have a report I give out to my people.  It contains 100 NO’s.  I challenge them to mark of one NO every time they get a NO.  I challenge them to get 100 NO’s as quickly as possible.

Some people view this as a negative approach. I view it as positive because I realize that the NO’s are a positive thing and are an important part of building a successful business.

Following is a true story.
When I started in MLM 31 years ago, I was traveling to do opportunity meetings six nights per week.

My wife of 53 years, Dianne and I have always done everything together. Even though she had no personal interest in MLM, she still traveled with me every night. She sat through each of my meetings. There was one story I would tell at every meeting. In that story I would say that if you get 1 YES out of every 10 prospects, with every NO you should get more excited because you realize that you are getting closer to your next YES.

Of course it is important to understand that 1 out of 10 is just an average. You are more likely to sign up 2 people if you speak to 20 than signing up 1 if you speak to 10. You are more likely to get 10 people if you speak to 100 than signing up 1 if you speak to 10. It is a mathematical rule called “the theory of large numbers.” The more times you flip a coin, the closer you will get to getting heads 50% of the time.

After several months of sitting through my meetings, one night on our way home from a meeting she told me she believed she could do what I do. I had a simple duplicable system that anyone could do. I told her I had no doubt she could do just as good, if not better than me and I suggested she make her list and start contacting her people Monday.

Monday she got dressed up and headed to town. When she got home she had gotten several NO’s and was beginning to be a little discouraged. Tuesday she headed to town again, and came home even more discouraged. Wednesday morning she headed to town again and got a few more NO’s.

On her way home Wednesday night she had decided that MLM is not for her. She could not handle the rejection. Less than two miles from home she was thinking about the past three days and all of her NO’s. Then she remembered what I had said at my meetings that 1 out of 10 would say yes, and how with each NO you should get more excited because you are getting closer to your YES.

She counted the number of people she had spoken with and realized she had 9 NO’s. She did not want to quit until after she had at least 10 NO’s.

Just ahead of her was the house of a friend she had not spoken with for awhile.  Without really thinking, she turned into her driveway and went in to visit.  This was the 10th person she spoke with.  Guess what?  She made her first sale.

Not only was the 10th person she spoke with a YES, but that person went on to build a good size organization and created a good amount of residual income for my wife for years to come.

From that day forward, Dianne was sold on MLM.

100 Oysters:

Finally, one of my favorite stories that I heard more than 30 years ago. It is the story about the basket of Oysters.

Suppose that you could purchase a basket of 100 Oysters and you were guaranteed that every basket of 100 oysters contained at least 2 valuable pearls.

You start opening oysters. You open 10 and you don’t find a pearl. Are you going to get disappointed and quit? Of course not. You know there are still 2 pearls in the basket, and you are getting closer to finding them.

After you open 50 oysters and have found no pearl, are you ready to quit, or are you getting more excited about the fact that you are getting closer to the 2 pearls. If you open 90 oysters and know that there are still 2 pearls in that basket, you are probably more excited than ever to open those last 10 oysters.

The more empty oysters you open, the more excited you get because you know that not all of the oysters are empty. At least two of them contain valuable pearls.

You need to approach your MLM business the same way. No matter how bad your presentation is, I don’t believe it is possible to get all NO’s.

You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person.

If you spoke to enough people with the worst approach and your sales pitch was, “You would not be interested in entering an industry where 97% of the people fail would you?” If you spoke to enough people you would find some who want to hear more.

In my case, because I understand that 97% of the people fail at everything because they are taking their advice from the other 97% who fail, I am one of those people who want to learn more about those 3% who are making HUGE multi six and seven figure residual incomes.

That is a totally different topic.

In summary, don’t focus the NO’s. Focus on the fact that you can’t get YES’ without getting NO’s. With each NO, ask yourself and your mentor if you are sharing the information properly and continue to share your opportunity with the knowledge that you can’t get all NO’s and with each NO, you are getting closer to financial independence.

With my company every good person is worth a six figure increase to my annual income. I don’t care how many NO’s I get because I realize I am only one person away from a six figure annual income increase. I know that out there somewhere is the right person, and I can’t find them if I don’t speak with them.

Fear of not speaking with that person who might provide me with a six figure income increase is much greater than the fear of getting a NO.

If you don’t speak with them, you are already accepting a NO, so the worst thing that can happen is that you validate your suspicion that they will say NO.

Don’t prejudge anyone. Give everyone you know or meet the opportunity to tell you NO. It won’t hurt you if you don’t let it.

Embrace the NO’s. Get as many as you can. You can’t get all NO’s. No one is that bad.

Rick – Paying it Forward

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