Do Most People Fail in MLM?

Do Most People Fail in MLM?

Rick & Dianne photo
Rick & Dianne photo

It is a common misconception that most people fail at MLM. They don’t fail, they quit before they learn the simple and proven systems to succeed at MLM.

The failure rate in MLM is no higher than any other business. However if someone starts other businesses, such as retail sales, when they fail, they are more likely to blame themselves, the product, the market and other things.With MLM, no one wants to admit that they were responsible for not succeeding, so they blame the industry.

If you fail in MLM while others make huge residual incomes, the only difference is YOU.  I have always taken the attitude that if they can do is, so can I.

Anyone can succeed in MLM, but MLM is not for everyone.  If you are not coachable and willing to learn proven systems from successful people, this industry is not for you.

There are several mistakes people make which causes them not to achieve the multi-six figure incomes they were expecting. I will try to address just a few of these.

97% fail at MLM. It has been said that 97% of the people who attempt MLM fail. I don’t know how accurate this percentage is, but I am confident that if 97% of the people fail, it is most likely that they fail because they are being mentored by the other 97% who have never been successful in this industry.

There is no shortage of people out there who are more than ready to tell you how to build a successful business. Problem is that 97% of them have never personally achieved any level of success in the industry they are trying to advise you on how to be successful.

It appears that the old adage is true that “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”  Let me share a real live example of an actual experience I had.  I was contacted by a 19 year old who claimed to want my advice. We communicated for several days exchanging emails. With each email he spent more time telling me what he was going to try rather than asking for my advice. After about 10 days of him trying and failing to attract leads, he told me he had decided to write an e-book on how to attract leads. He would offer his e-book as an incentive to get people to come to his site and leave their names and email addresses. Now answer me this. How many of you really want to read a book on how to build an effective MLM business from a 19 year old who has failed at everything he attempted? He is definitely an example of the 97% who are training others. DAH!

You do not have to be among the 97% who fail. All you need do is to choose your mentor from among the 3% who achieve the success you want for yourself and duplicate what they did.

It is not hard to find people with MLM experience. However, it is much harder to find people who have a history of success in the industry. They are there you simply need to do your due diligence and look for them.

The 3% have knowledge they can share which will help you to make the right decisions. They will share some success secrets like the ones I will share here.

One of the most common misconceptions is that MLM is sales.  I won’t take the time here to go into detail on the difference but I will say this. A good salesperson needs to develop sales skills.  If you are a good salesperson, you may be able to recruit a lot of people, but for the exponential growth required to build the huge six and seven figures common in this industry requires “Duplication”.

When selecting someone to be one of my team member, I prefer people with no prior MLM experience and little or no sales experience. People with prior MLM experience have already learn some very bad habits from the 97%. These habits can be difficult to break.  Same with people with sales experience.  Although not impossible, it is a challenge to retrain them. So if you have no MLM experience, and no sales experience, and you don’t want to be a salesperson, give me a call if you are coachable an can follow simple proven systems.

You must understand that “Tools are duplicable, people are not.” You may possess great sales skills but 95% of the people you “Sale” will not possess your sales skills.  And most will have no interest in learning your skills. Therefore to maximize the residual income potential of MLM, you need to learn proven system which use tools to build and support your business, not sales skills.

Tools are things like, DVD’s, Webinars, Conference Calls, 3-way Calls, Seminars, etc. Anyone can show a DVD or dial a telephone, but not everyone can make an effective sales presentation or answer the difficult questions.

How do you know which tools to use and how to effectively use them. You need to choose the right mentors who understand the importance of duplication and tools and not a salesperson who has never duplicated an exponentially growing organization.

Success in MLM is “simple”. I did not say it was easy, I said it was simple.  To be successful in MLM is a simple matter of finding mentors who have a history of proven success in this industry and being coachable and duplicate what they did to achieve their success.

I joined MLM in 1986.  The very first week in the industry I researched to identify the top income earners in that company.  I contacted those people and asked them to share what they did to achieve their success.  I then simply copied their proven techniques (systems).  I was coachable.  I did not argue with their success, I copied it.

Within eleven months, I was a top income earner with that company.  I went on to be a top earner with three more companies.  I was coachable and realized that each company was a little different, and those little differences could mean the difference between success and failure.  Therefore with each new company I would research the top income earners and duplicate their systems.  The result was that within a few years I was earning more than those who were my mentors.

Success in MLM is a choice. It is simple if you will make a commitment to learning the proper techniques.

Being coachable is essential. Don’t argue with your mentors. Their success came from the proven systems they have learned from their successful mentors and not for listening from the 97% who think they know it all.

John Wooden said, “What matters is what you learn after you already know everything.”

Find a Mentor with a history of proven success. Don’t follow someone who has not achieved the success you want for yourself. If you are intimidated by your mentor’s success rather than impressed by it, you have a common problem.

Be coachable. Don’t try to tell your successful mentor what is wrong with what they did. Learn, don’t teach.

Don’t quit. If things are not going as well as you would like, instead of blaming everyone but yourself and your technique, go back to your mentor for help to refine your own system.

My success in the industry came from the help I received from my mentors, most of which did not benefit from helping me. I made a commitment to repay my mentors the only way I know how and that is to “Pay it Forward” and help others benefit from what my mentors have taught me.

If I can help you in any way, don’t hesitate to ask. I will be honest with you, so you many not want to hear what I will have to say, but there will be no hype or false hope.

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