Proven approach to recruiting.

Proven approach to recruiting.

 A Proven Approach to Recruiting.
by Rick Chitwood

Introduction: Awhile back I received an email from someone who had approached me to be a mentor. I shared proven systems which have worked for me for years to create many six figure residual income earners. His e-mail shared that he wanted to try something new and he told me about the approach he decided to use which happened to be an approach I have seen fail many times in the past.

Today I received another email from him telling me he had found a system guaranteed to work and he wanted me to look at it. He has used this approach and was excited that he had recruited 5 people.

His email also stated that he would like to meet with me and other successful MLMers.

Following is my responce to his email.

Dear XXX,

It is really great to hear from you.  I sincerely hope you find, or have found what you are looking for.   Please don’t take this wrong but my interest is in sharing and promoting proven system.  A proven system is a system that shows over several years that is not only produces a quantity of prospects but quality prospects that go on to build large and successful downline that provides residual income.

It must be proven to be duplicable and produce lasting and growing results.  I have seen many prospecting systems come an go that generate large numbers of prospects that are gone in six months.

Check back with me in two years and show me how well your system works and the quality of residual income it has produced.  Signing up 5 people does not help me evaluate the success of your system. I want to see what those five people do in the next two years.  Do they duplicate the system and develop substantial lasting residual income with a large and geometrically growing downline?  Those are the types of results that will interest me.

97% of the people fail at MLM because they listen to the other 97% who has never been successful. Listen to that 3% who has a history of proven success. Not those new people who think they have “a better way”.

With my current system I enrolled 23 people that grew to 4,300 in three years generating a six figure income for several levels of people, and growing exponentially on it’s own without the need for efforts from me.  The success of that system speaks for itself. 

I can demonstrate actual results, not promises.   That is what I call a “Proven” and successful system.  I have no problem sharing that system with others because it does work and is proven to duplicate and produce large numbers of six figure income earners and even seven figure income earners.

Visiting successful networkers is a very good approach to learning, and is the approach I successful used for many years to generate seven figures and 23 years of success.  The difference is that you must be coachable.  Talking to successful people is not enough if you don’t take their advice and follow their proven systems.  

You were “featured” on my blog only to demonstrate that point.  You were give proven advice that not only has worked for years and has duplicated thousands of levels deep, but is working better today than ever.  You did not even consider that advice.  You were looking for a magic system that had not been proven.

If you had seen the thousands of these magic approaches come and go you would understand why I don’t waste time jumping aboard for the short rides.  If the system is truly good, it will last and will grow.  I can wait until the system is proven.   I have a reputation to protect.  I only promote proven systems that work, not systems hyped to me about how great they are going to work. 

I have a history of mentoring people to build six figure residual incomes within 12-18 months.  I can’t afford to promote something that is not proven and take a chance of it failing like 97% of all the hype out there by people looking to make money by promoting their lead generating systems.

I offered you an opportunity to follow a proven system that I felt confident would produce you a six figure residual income within 12-18 months.  You were not interested in the proven system I tried to share with you and came back with an e-book approach which I have not seen work successfully for the past 15 years.

“When action speaks louder than words, don’t interrupt”.  That is one of my favorite sayings. What it means is that you should take note of the date I attempted to mentor you and see if you were able to create a six figure income within 12-18 months from that date with some other approach.  If not, than maybe you should question just how great your new system really it. 

You should measure the success of your system by the level of residual income it produces for you in the next 12-18 months, not how many personal recruits it produces for you.  If those personal recruits don’t duplicate into successful residual income, you don’t have a network marketing system, you have a sales system which will only work for as long as you work.

I sincerely hope your new approach works for you.  I have nothing to gain from your approach failing.

I sincerely want to see you and everyone else be successful.   Get back to me in 24 months and demonstrate just how effective your system is.  Then I will not hesitate to promote it.  I promote proven systems and don’t waste people’s time with all of the new and better approaches which come and go every month.  If you had seen as many as I have, you would understand my skepticism.

BTW. You probably have made my blog again.  I feel my response to your excitement about another of those new approaches will make a great article to illustrate the value in taking the advice of mentors with proven success, and not attempting to reinvent the wheel and find a new approach which is better than what is proven to work. 

When an approach has worked successfully for many years, that does not meant it is out dated.  Saying approaches are outdated is common hype used by people trying promote an new unproven system just to make a fast buck.

Sincerely looking forward to having you report back with positive news about how successful new approach really is.  If you are not successful in finding a new approach, I will always be here to help you implement a proven system that will produce the results you seek.  It is never too late to start building success with a proven system.

Best to you.

Rick – Paying it Forward

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