Are You Preparing to Prepare?

Are You Preparing to Prepare?

 Are You Preparing to Prepare?
by Rick Chitwood


One of the more common excuses is that they are “Preparing to start building their business”.  It has been my experience that most of the time they are not preparing to start their business.  Instead they are preparing to prepare to start their business.  They never get started building their business because they are never finished preparing.

In today’s Direct Sales environment, most good companies have tools for building the business.  It is common knowledge that “tools are duplicable, people are not.”  In other words, it is proven much more effective to have tools make the presentation and answer questions than it is for a person to make the presentation and answer questions.

Some people are very good sales presenters, but 95% of the people they present to do not have the superior sales skills of the original presenter.  However, everyone can present a tool to their prospect.  Anyone can present a tool to a prospect, but not everyone can make a great presentation or answer questions.

There are many types of tools.  Some more effective and popular tools are as follows; DVD’s, Cassette Tapes, CD’s, Recorded Messages, Recorded Webinars, Brochures, Flyersand 3-way calls to a live person.

That is correct. Three-way calls to a live person are tools. It is called “Third Party Creditability.”   It is proven that a third party has much more creditability than the original presenter.  Third parties are usually considered experts providing information while you are viewed as a salesperson. In fact, the more third parties introduced to your prospect, the more creditability your product or opportunity has.

The reason three-way calls are considered a tool is because a three-way call is simply a phone number.  Anyone can dial a phone.  As long as you have phone numbers you can call to have someone else share your product/service you have a tool which anyone can use (duplicate).

It is not important to be able to make a presentation or to be able to answer any questions when all presentations and the answer to all questions is only a phone call away.  It is important to understand the value of allowing someone else to answer all questions, even the questions you can answer. The purpose is to demonstrate to your prospect that they too can get all of their questions answered by dialing the phone. 

If all you have to do to build a huge successful business is to dial a phone or show a video, anyone can do it.  Duplication is the main requirement for building a successful organization.  “Tools are duplicable, people are not.”

People who have little or no knowledge about the product or service have an advantage over people who know everything.  It is a human trait that the more you know about something, the more you want to demonstrate your knowledge by sharing that information with others.  The more knowledge you demonstrate to your prospect, the less likely they are to join because they will not see themselves as being able to duplicate your presentation.  They don’t believe they will be able to learn everything you know, and they believe that to be successful, they will need to know as much as you know.  If you demonstrate that you know very little, and that it is not necessary to do more than dial a phone or show a video, they will be able to see themselves doing what you do.

 The key to success in this industry is having a simple and duplicable system that ANYONE can duplicate.

A good system is based upon the use of tools and anyone should be able to learn within 30 minutes.   In other words, with a simple, duplicable system, your new distributor should be able to start building their business within minutes after spending thirty minutes learning the system.

It is not necessary to know anything about your product or service, because everything your prospect needs to know is available to them in the form of a tool.  You can introduce your prospect by means of a recorded message, and get that prospect all of the information they need and the answers to any and all of their questions with videos and three-way calls, etc.  More important, you are demonstrating that they can start building their business immediately with little or no knowledge or sales experience or talent.

Many don’t get started because of fear of failure. Much more important than learning everything you can learn is practice.  No one is good at anything when they first start. Olympic ice skaters and swimmers and wrestlers were bad when they first started.  Perfection only comes after much practice.  Stop preparing and pick up the phone and call your prospect.

One example is what you would do if someone had specific questions about the Comp plan.  You don’t need to understand the comp plan and know how to present it.  All you need to do is get them a comp plan video and tell them that it will answer all of their questions.  Again, you will be demonstrating that it is not important that they be able to present and/or answer all detailed comp plan questions.  All they need do is duplicate what you did, which was let a tool answer their questions.

I realize I am repeating myself, but it is proven that repetition not only works but is an essential part of learning.

If your new distributor tells you they need to totally understand the product or service, they are simply making excuses for not getting started today.

If your new distributor tells you they can’t present anything unless they totally understand it themselves, they are telling you they are not going to build a successful business because they don’t understand the importance of tools and duplication.  They are making excuses for never getting started because they will never know everything about the product or service.

In all of my years in the industry I have had many tell me they wanted to learn as much as they could before they got started. But it has been my experience that none of them ever got started.  Some are still going to meetings and learning all they can learn but have not gotten started after four years.

As Nike says, “Just do it!”  Learn the system and get started building your business immediately.  You can, and should learn as much as possible about your product/service, but you can learn as you earn. It is important that you understand that the value of product knowledge is not to help you start sharing with your prospects.  The value of product knowledge is so that when your new distributors start promoting the product before they have product knowledge, they can call you as a tool to help them build their business.  Until you have the knowledge to be someone that others will use as a tool, you simply instruct your downline to go further upline for their tool assistance.

It is not necessary to have all of the answers before you get started.  If Henry Ford had waited for cruise control, we would never have had the Model-T and the Model-A, or the ’57 Ford T-Bird or the Mustang.

Stop “Preparing to Prepare” and start building your financial freedom TODAY!

You can watch all of the DVD’s, listen to all of the CD’s, attend all of the meetings and conference calls, but you won’t make a dime until you get up off your butt and start sharing your product with prospects.

“You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person”.  “No one is good enough to get all YES’s, but no one is bad enough to get all NO’s”. 

Nothing is accomplished until you take action.  You don’t get paid for what you know.  You get paid for what you do.

You can either make excuses, or you can make money.  But you can’t make both!  Stop making excuses and start making money.

Rick – Paying it Forward

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