Are You a Settler?

Are You a Settler?

 Are You a Settler?  By Rick Chitwood

I want to share a true story with you.  It is about some settlers I know.  People who have settled for far less than they really want or deserve.

Read this story to see if you know any settlers.

This settler was asked if they were interested in hearing about a way they could make additional income without effecting what they were doing now.  Their immediate response was a firm, “I don’t need any extra money!”

Is it a fact that this person does not need extra money, or has he just become a settler, settling for far less than he and his family deserve?

Let’s take a closer look:

Two days after making that statement, this person and his wife really wanted to make a purchase which cost approximately $900.00.  They did not have $900.00 so they got out their credit card and checked their balance.  The card was maxed out.  They had two other cards, so they checked the balance on each of them.  Both were maxed out.

This person who “didn’t need extra money” could not even find a way to purchase something his family wanted and needed.

This is a sad story, but not an isolated one.  Too many people are settling for much less than they deserve because they have given up hope.  They have forgotten how to dream.  They make excuses instead of making money.   They have given up on finding a way to make it happen and just assume that it will not happen.

This person is paying interest every month on the money they are borrowing on their credit cards.  They are probably also paying overdraft fees as well.  Instead of earning interest on their money, they are paying interest on their money.   The difference between the interest they are paying and the interest they could be learning is a major swing.

They find it much easier, or maybe just more comfortable for them to accept that something will not work for them then to research how they can make it work for them.

A person who is over 30 years old and with a family, should be able to write a check for $5,000 for something they want without any hesitation.  What will these people do if the transmission drops out of their car, or their furnace brakes, or what if their kids should want to go to college?

Even sadder than not being able to make a $5,000 purchase is the fact that in most cases, these same people don’t have a plan to take action and make a change in their life to make sure they will never again be in a position where they can’t come up with money when they need it.  They have accepted the fact that they will live from pay check to pay check hoping to have enough money at the end of the month to make the minimum payment on their multiple credit card debts.  They have become settlers!

These are the people who are not open to learning how they could become financially independent and debt free by following a simple, duplicable and proven system for as little as five hours per week.

Where each of us is today is the direct result of the decisions and reactions to the opportunities we have had in the past.  Where each of us will be next year and 10 years from now will be the direct result of the decisions we make today. 

Are you making the right decisions?  Do you have a plan for your financial future?  Are you taking action every day to reach your dreams and goals?  Or are you a settler?


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