Power of Duplication in MLM

Power of Duplication in MLM


Power of Duplication in MLM
by Rick Chitwood

Rick & Dianne photo
Rick & Dianne photo

The whole concept of MLM is that you leverage your time and efforts by helping others duplicate your efforts and you share in the profits generated by the system and tools you use and from the duplication of your systems and tools by your associates.

You may be a great sales person and be a great public speaker but that is not duplicable. 95% of the people you sign up will not posses your sales and public speaking skills and will have no desire of learning to do so. One of the most common comments from prospects is, “I don’t like selling.”

You are limited on your abilities to build a huge successful business. For example, suppose you can only present your opportunity to 10 people per day. Assume that 20% of the people you present your opportunity join you with the desire to build a successful business. If you sign up people five days per week, you will sign up 10 new people per week or 520 new people per year.  If you make $2 per month on each product purchased, that would pay you $12,480 per year.

That may seem like a good annual income to some people, but I am not interested in less than that per week.  No matter how good a sales person I am, I can’t do more which means my income potential is limited. [Let me point out that depending upon your product and recruiting techniques, you may be able to sign up more or less people. This is only an example. Insert your own figures and you will see that the concept works. This is for demonstration purposes.]

Now what if instead of spending all of your time recruiting new people, you use duplication. Let’s assume that you spend 25% of your time recruiting and 75% of your time teaching others to duplicate what you do. With this assumption you average 2 sign ups per week. If you duplicate your system, those 2 people will each sign up 2 new people per week. If you teach them your system and how to duplicate, each of those can sign up 2 people.

Let’s carry this example 4 levels deep. You will sign up 2 people per week which is 104 per year. Assuming that only 1 in 10 will duplicate what you do, those 104 people on your first level will generate 1081 people on your second level . 10% of them will in turn generate 11,248 people on your third level: 20,312.5 on level four.  Assume you only earn an average of only $.25 per month on the volume from each of these 116,958 you would earn $350,957 per year.

Is that possible? Yes it is. Lots of people are doing it today.

If you can’t even imagine $350,957 per year, then if we reduce that by 80% you would still be making $70,191 per year.

Now would you rather be making $12,480 per year from 100% of your recruiting efforts, or $70,191 per year from 25% of your efforts?

That is what Network Marketing is all about.

This can only happen with Duplication.

If you build your business by making presentations and answering questions, your prospect may become a customer, but many of them can not see themselves making the presentations and don’t think they can learn enough to be able to answer all of the questions they get.

What is duplication?  People are not duplicable.  Regardles of how good you are as a salesperson, 95% of your recruits can’t learn to do what you do.

Tools are duplicable. What if instead of making sales presentation to show your opportunity, you use tools to show your opportunity?  Tools are CD’s, DVD’s, Videos, brochures, recorded messages, Webinars, web sites, 3-way calls, etc.

If you build your business with these tools, your business partners can use the same tools to duplicate your success.

With my opportunity, you are not required to make a presentation or answer a question.  You use the tools to make the presentations and answer the questions. This is 100% duplicable. A monkey with a DVD and a note around his neck can build a successful business. 🙂

MLM is NOT Sales. MLM is Duplication of how to get information to others.

I hope this will help some people to duplicate the success Dianne and I have achieved. We have been top income earners in multiple companies.  Not because we are good recruiters or presenters, but because we are coachable and have learn to duplicate what successful people do and not try to reinvent the wheel.

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