Recruit Less to Earn More

Recruit Less to Earn More

Recruit Less to Earn More

by Rick Chitwood

What I want to share in this article is something that is very important but not understood by a large percentage of the people in Network Marketin.   It is the basic foundation upon which this great industry was established. The basics of Network Marketing is understanding that much more can be accomplished by a team working together than can ever be achieved by the individual sums of the people in the team

 There is an old saying that TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieves More.

A team generates a synergy that can’t be matched by individuals.  My favorite example of synergy is that a horse can pull 900 pounds. A team of two horses can pull 3,600 pounds. It is a simple concept.

America’s first Billionaire, J. Paul Getty, said, “I would much rather benefit from 1% of the efforts of 100 people than 100% from the efforts of myself.”

I have learned that there are two types of mentalities in Network Marketing.  There is the Sales Mentality and there is the Networking Mentality.  The sales mentality wants paid for their efforts. The network mentality wants paid for the synergistic efforts of their team.

There are also different companies with different comp plans. The comp plan makes a major difference.  You must understand what you want and find a company with a comp plan designed to provide you with the goals you set for yourself.

It is important to understand that regardless of what percentage of the profits from sale of your companies products is fed into the comp plan, tbey can only spend a penny one time. If you have the sales mentality and you want paid big for your personal efforts, choose a comp plan where a major portion of the commissions are paid to the person making the sale instead of to your team.

If you have a networking mentality you want a lesser amount for your personal efforts, and the major portion of the comp plan to pay the team.

EXAMPLE: Let me share an example that illustrates two different approaches to the same challenge. First some basics.  Income is paid from the profits of the sale of products or services.  If you have a goal you can use simple math to determine how many new sales must be generated to provide the income needed to reach your goal.  Your goal can be a new car, donating to your church, paying off credit card bills, etc.  Once you determine your goal, you simply determine how many new distributors you need on your team to reach that goal.

For illustration purposes, let’s assume we have determined that you need the commissions generated from 100 new people added to your organization.  There are two different approaches that can be used to find those 100 new people.  Sales Mentality = Determine a way for you to personally enroll 100 new people.  You may purchase leads, advertise in some media forum, or you have many other options to choose from (most of which have associated costs.)  You go out and personally sign up 100 new people.

Network Marketing Mentality = Help 10 of your hardest working team members each recruit 10 new people.  It’s just that simple.  Help 10 people recruit 10 new people.  Each approach has the same results.  The sales approach requires you to recruit 100 new people. The networking approach does not require you to personally sign up any new people.

You focus your efforts on helping 10 people instead focusing your efforts on personal recruiting.  There is another major benefit from the networking approach.  With the sales approach you personally benefit. With the networking approach you and ten people on your team benefit.  Eleven people benefit.

You are getting paid for helping others be successful instead of helping yourself be successful.Zig Zigler has said, “You can have anything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want.”  I have been a top income earner in four different companies.  In each company I was not a big recruiter.  My focus was on recruiting a few people until I found someone who was coachable and willing to follow a simple proven system using proven tools and helping them to succeed.  My focus was on helping others achieve success and I did not need to worry about my success.

I was not a top income earner because I was a top recruiter.  I was a top income earner because I had helped more of my team member achieve a six figure incomes than others.  I realized that the more successful people I had on my team, the more success would automatically come my way.  I got into Network Marketing for residual income.

I was sold on the idea of working hard to establish a team of successful people then continuing to get paid for the profits generated by that team long after I have decided to retire and move to the beach.  If your income is the results of your efforts, it will very likely dry up when you quit working.  If you have successful people on your team, the income is less likely to dry up when you quit.  And it is more likely to continue to grow after you retire.

What I have learned from my mentors, and what I teach to my team is to focus your efforts on helping your team members, and less effort recruiting new people.


Rick Chitwood – Paying it Forward and helping others.

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