My miracle gradson

My miracle gradson

My worst year!
By Rick Chitwood

Life is not all joy and happiness. Let me share a year of my life where things were a little stressful.

In 2005 my daughter-in-law had problems with her pregnancy. She was in the hospital, heavily drugged to keep her from going into labor for about six weeks. We had to visit her every day in the hospital.

At 24 weeks, they moved her to Indianapolis which is about 1.5 hour drive each way. The baby was born within two days of going to the new hospital.

My grandson was born at one pound six ounces. He was given almost no chance to live and was expected to be blind if he did live. I placed my wedding ring around his leg and it looked like I had placed a hoola-hoop around my leg.

peyton11He had to stay in the hospital for four months until he was five pounds and had four eye surgeries.

We spent almost every day traveling the three hour round trip to and from the hospitol.

After we got him home, we learned that my Mother had cancer. She lived for about five months but we had to spend almost every day at the hospital and/or nursing home, until I watched her die of a very painful blood clot that moved to her lungs.

During this same time, I had some serious health issues and made three trips to the hospital.

For almost a full year, I was either in a hospital or traveling to and from the hospital. You may be wondering how we were able to spend a year without worrying about our job and how to get the time off and where our money was coming from.

Thank God for MLM. Because of MLM I did not need to worry about taking almost an entire year off work. I did not need to ask for time off, or take a leave of absence, etc.

peyton21Because of MLM, I was able to communicate with my team members on my cell phone driving to and from my trips to the hospital, and during breaks at the hospital.

During that time, Pappy (me) did not take a lot of time out to shave and get a hair cut. I did take a bath once per week whether I needed it or not. (That was a joke).

Not only was I able to build my business by supporting my team members while in the hospital and while traveling to visit my loved ones, but I was able to build my business by sharing with others in the Hospital.

We made lots of friends at the Hospital and they all wanted to know how we were able to be there every day, all day long while they had to work and could only visit during their lunch hour and after work. It was great to be able to show them a lifestyle they were not aware even existed and was available to them.

img_05211This is a great industry which offers much more benefits than just savings on quality products and a great residual income potential.

A close friend of mine had twins born prematurely. They parked their Motor Coach in the Hospital parking lot and were able to support and build their business from the hospital parking lot. One of them was able to spend 24 hours per day with the babies while the other grabbed a nap in the Motorcoach and make a few phone calls.

peytoncar11It was a great way to get our minds off our other problems. Actually the hospital events allowed us to focus building our business 10-20 minutes at a time and we made more income that year than any prior year. Of course that income has more than doubles since 2006.


Cutting with his chain saw. Age 3 1/2
Cutting with his chain saw. Age 3 1/2
Peyton with Pappy 4th B-day
Peyton with Pappy 4th B-day
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