Our Story

Our Story

Rick & Dianne Chitwood
Rick & Dianne Chitwood

Our Story:

Hello, my name is Rick Chitwood, and this is my wife of 53 years, Dianne. I was in the computer industry for 34 years and was president of my own computer software company.

My wife Dianne was a homemaker and raised our three children.

We were living a very good lifestyle when we met a con-man while we were attempting to raise venture capitol to expand our business. This person took us for everything we had. We lost our home, our stock, our life savings, our business, our cars, everything. In order to get back control of our company I had to assume a very large six-figure debt created by the con-man.

When we were introduced to the Network Marketing Industry, we were totally broke with no source of income. We were able to immediately recognize the benefits of this industry and saw it as a way out of our financial problems. Most people would have used their poor financial situation as an excuse for not starting their own business, while we saw our money problems as a reason why to seriously consider this business.

Minor Problem:

It cost $1,540 to start our first home business. We did not have $1,540 and we had no source of income. I was determined not to let not having $1,540 be the reason for remaining totally broke. I raised $1,540, and the rest is history. It was all a matter of how bad we wanted to get out of your desperate financial situation. I thank God for introducing me to this industry.


In the past 31 years, we have been able to build the fastest growing organization, and become a top income earner in four different Network Marketing Companies. At age 73, I am now looking forward to enjoying the rest of our lives without worrying about money and living the lifestyle we could not even dream of before.

Key to Success:

The key to our success is being coachable and our focus on helping others duplicate our proven home business techniques. What we enjoy doing most is teaching others how they too can find financial freedom by duplicating our proven techniques. Our system is based on what we have learned from some of the most successful people in the industry.

In all my years in business, I have never seen a way for the average person to build unlimited financial wealth like one can with Network Marketing.

If you are coachable, and ready to learn proven business building techniques… and if you are ready to make the commitment necessary to achieve financial freedom, then we may be able to help you. We expect nothing in return for our services. We achieved our success because many other successful people were willing to share their tips and techniques with us. We now just want to “pay it forward”.  All we have to offer is our opinions based upon proven success. We would be happy to help you if we can. I strongly believe “what goes around, comes around”.

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