What to Look for in an Home Based Business

What to Look for in an Home Based Business

Rick & Dianne photo
Rick & Dianne photo

What to look for in an MLM
by Rick Chitwood

I have been full time in the MLM industry for 31 years and have been a top income earner in four different companies.  I want to share (“Pay Forward”), what I have learned  from some of the most successful people in the industry in hopes of helping others to duplicate my success.

Success is not an accident.  Anyone who has been full time in ANY industry and has been successful must have learned some good techniques to help them be successful.

There are many stories about people who have failed in MLM.  The major reason for their failures is making the wrong choices and not following the proven systems for success.  It has been said that 97% of the people fail at MLM.  If that is true, it is because 97% of the people listen to and follow the advice of the other 97% who have never been successful.

The choice is yours.  Do you want to be amoung the 97% who fail, or would you prefer to be in the upper 3% that experience great success.  To be in that upper 3%, it is necessary to make the right choices.

In an effort to help you make the right decision, I have developed this web site.  On this site I share the things I consider when I am making a choice of a new opportunity.

The information I share on the web site is not the only things to consider and there are people who would not agree with my recommendations.  However, what I do share, though not the only way, is proven to work.  I don’t share opinions there, I share what has proven to work for me and my mentors and those I have mentored.

This is a generic site and does not promote any individual company.  Just what to consider when choosing ANY company. I hope this can help you.

If you are not happy with your growth with your existing company, compare your company against the information in this web site. Perhaps you will learn why.

If you are looking for a company and know what you want out of the company, check out the following website CLICK HERE. By completing the questionnaire there I can use that information to help you find a company that may fit your goals.

I hope you benefit from this information.

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