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What to look for in a home business?
Where to seek advice about a home business?
What to beware of in a home business?
What to look for in a sponsor?
What must you do to achieve success?
What to look for in a Compensation Plan?
What about start up costs in a home business?
Why do so many fail in network marketing?
How to find your prospects (leads)?

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What to look for in a home business?

Choosing the right home business opportunity is a very important decision and must not be taken lightly. The list of opportunities is endless and that list is growing every day.

There is no end to stories about failed home businesses, and people who lost lots of money attempting to start their own home business. It is very easy to not be included in one of those sad stories if you follow a few simple rules, which I will attempt to outline here.

1 - Residual Income: When considering network marketing as a home business, one of the most important features to look for is a company that has a great potential of providing long term "Residual Income". Residual income is income that continues to be paid to you long after you are no longer working the business. This is a concept that many people just never seem to grasp. Most people understand the concept of trading time for money. An hour's pay for an hour's work. This is not the concept upon which network marketing was founded. That is a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke). You work from month to month hoping there is enough money coming in to pay the bills. Residual income is possible because you build a business which is not dependent upon you being there to continue to do the work. Far too many people believe that because they are earning commissions from a downline that they have residual income. That is rarely the case because the majority of people do not build their businesses properly. Building a business to provide maximum residual income should be your goal and we can show you how. Anyone can get a J.O.B.

2 - Look for a company which has a history of success: Although how long a company has been in business is no guarantee of it's success, it is the best tool we have when looking at companies. It has been reported that the home business industry has a history of approximately an 85% failure rate in it's first year, and that increases to 95% by year five. For the best odds of choosing a company with a good chance of being around to provide you residual income in the future, it is suggested that you not even consider a company less than five years old, and a company ten years or older is preferred. You will hear many people tell you that the only way to be very successful is to get in on the "ground floor" of a start-up company. This is a total myth. The potential of failure far outweighs the promises of riches in a new company. These "ground floor" and "pre-launch" opportunities are the source for a majority of the horror stories you hear about failures in this industry. In a good company with a good compensation plan, your residual income should be based upon the proitibility of the organization you create, not upon how long you have been a distributor. Your comp plan should provide for the ability for you to be a top income earner within 2-5 years of joining, and you should expect to easily be able to earn more than your upline. This is complicated and I would be happy to explain this in more detail.

3 - Look for a company with excellent tools and a strong training program. Duplication is the key to achieving residual income. Tools are duplicable, but people are not. You may be a very good trainer, or have a great talent for speaking in front of large groups or making sales presentations, but 99% of the people you introduce to your company will not share your talents. For a company to provide true residual income, everyone must be able to duplicate your success. It should be possible to build a successful business with little or no sales or training abilities. One of the largest misconceptions about network marketing is that it takes sales skills. Frequently the opposite is true. Many times a strong sales background will be a handicap to the growth of your business because you will be tempted to use those skills in building your business, and your downline will not be able to duplicate your talents. The company should provide tools which can do 99% of the work of promoting and supporting your business for you. The tools include, brochures, audio tapes, CD's, Video Tapes, Internet web sites, conference calls, three-way calls, recorded training and presentations. A good company will have all of these tools. However having the tools is not enough. The company must have a proven SIMPLE, duplicable method of using the tools, and a program of training the new distributors on the use of the tools.

4 - Is your company a member of the Direct Sales Association (DSA). Just as not being at least five years old does not guarantee that you company will fail, not being a DSA memer will not guarantee that you company will fail. However being in business more than 10 years is a good point to consider, just as being a member of the DSA is a very positive achievement. The DSA is considered by many to be the watch dog of the industry. To become a member of the DSA, and company must adhear to a strict code of ethics. They must go through a probationary period of one year before their application into the DSA is considered. During that time the company is studied to insure that they adhear to the code of ethics. If accepted into the DSA, they will must continue to qualify for membership. If there is a customer complaing launced against a DSA member company, the DSA is obligated to investigate the complaint and the member company is required to comply with any recommendations of the DSA without question, or they will lose their membership. There are tens of thousands of Direct Sales companies, but only about 200 have been accepted into the DSA. Membership is not a guarantee of success, but I personally would not consider joining a company which is not a DSA member.

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Where to seek advice about a home business?

There is no shortage of people with network marketing experience. However there is a severe shortage of people with a history of network marketing success. Part of the reason for so many failures in network marketing is the same element which is necessary for successful in this industry. That element is "Duplication". Unfortunately not only are the proper techniques duplicated, bad techniques are also duplicated. Since there are more people who attempt to build a business without proper technique and education, bad techniques are much more prevalent than the good techniques.

One of the biggest frustrations for me over the years is how frequently someone is evaluating a business opportunity, and then seek advice from the wrong people. If you want to learn a craft or skill such as welding, would you seek the advice of someone who is known to have superior welding skills, or would you seek the advice from someone who has never held a welder in their hands? Unfortunately, when most people seek advice about network marketing they ask people who have never been successful in the industry. Why not seek advice from people who have a proven history of success, instead of someone with a proven history of failure. It is not difficult to find someone who will go out of their way to tell you every reason why you should not even consider network marketing. The reason you should not even consider the advice of someone who is a failure in this business, is because they are not willing to accept the blame for their failures. If they were not successful, they will blame every thing and everyone but themselves. They will blame the company, the management, the compensation plan, the products, the upline support, the customer support, anything but the possibility that they may not have executed proper techniques and skills. Consider this. In almost every instance where there are people who failed at one company or opportunity, there are others at the same company and opportunity who have achieved great success. Those successful people are the ones you should be asking for advice.

One of the reasons for achieving my success with so many different companies is the fact that when I started with a new company, the very first thing I did was to find out who were the most successful people in the company, and learn from them. Most successful people are just as willing to provide you advice about how to be successful as those who failed are willing to share with you why you could not possibly succeed in a home business opportunity.

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What to beware of in a home business.

Beware of claims guaranteeing success. If there was a guarantee of success, everyone would be successful. Avoid claims that they will build your business for you. If they intend to build your business for you, why do they need you? Avoid companies that use the "sense of urgency" to get you to join. These companies usually offer you a free enrollment just to get you a good position in the company. Then they will continue to tell you how many people are enrolling below you and how critical it is for you to secure your position by "upgrading" to a paid membership. If the company offers a free placement in the organization, you should have the same income earning opportunity as someone who has paid. You should not be required to spend money to earn money. If the opportunity is really good, the company does not need to stoop to these tactics to encourage people to join. These companies attract people who are looking for a free ride. I call this the "lotto mentality". People who understand that you must work to achieve success usually avoid any company that makes get rich quick claims and promises of guaranteed success. They realize that the people joining below them are usually looking for a free ride and will not work to build a business. These types of companies grow very fast because so many people have the "fear of loss" and will join just so they won't miss out. These companies have a history of drying up almost as fast as they grow.

There is a lot of hype in this industry. People will tell you whatever is necessary to get you to join. Some of their stories are very tempting and you will want to believe them. Just remember what the late Erma Buambeck wrote in her best selling book, "The grass is always greener over the septic tank".

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What to look for in a sponsor.

It is your right to choose whom you want to be your sponsor. This is a serious business. Your sponsor is your business partner, hopefully for many years to come. There are already too many reasons why companies fail without you starting out under people who have no history of building a successful company. Synergy plays a very important roll in building a successful business capable of providing residual income. Synergy comes when the results of people working together exceeds the sum of the results of each individual person. It is said that a horse can pull 900 pounds, but a team of two horses can pull 3,600 pounds. That is synergy. That is why husband and wife teams are so prevalent as the top income earners in a company. If you don't have a spouse in the business, try to find someone with common interests and work together for the success of both.

Just because someone introduces you to an opportunity, does not mean that that person has the qualifications and experience needed to help you succeed in your business. I once decided I wanted to work a business, but the person who told me about the business was only part time and had never enrolled anyone else, and too many reasons they were not available to provide the support I was looking for. I looked for people in that company with a proven history of success and joined under that person. This is your life, not a hobby. I do not consider it to be unethical to join under someone other than the person who introduced you to the opportunity if that person is not able to provide the training and support required for your success.

A good sponsor recognizes the importance of helping their downline. Too many times a sponsor, is just that, a sponsor. He or she is much more interested in enrolling more people next week than they are in helping the people who enrolled last week. These people do not understand residual income and are working the business as a J.O.B. They are much more interested in the "fast start", "enrollment bonuses and incentives" than they are in the residual income which comes only from building a strong and lasting business. Most "recruiters" are in competition with you to enroll more people instead of helping you to build your business. Beware of uplines that compete against you for the same incentives.

I understand that my success has come from the fact that I have focused on helping many other people to be successful. My residual income comes from helping my downline win the incentives rather than competing against them for the same bonuses. Quite often when you see people with high PIN levels still working hard to win the trips, and bonus pools, you will discover that they have few successful people in their downline. They are too busy working the opportunity as a J.O.B. to take time to help their downline succeed. I would much rather have 1000 people in my downline generating $100 per year for me in upline commissions, than to be generating $100,000 per year myself. What if I get sick or in an accident? I want my income to continue even if it is not me doing the work. Avoid enrolling under someone who is winning all of the recruiter pools and incentives. You are not looking for competition, you are looking for a teammate.

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What must you do to achieve success.

You must treat your business as if it is a REAL business, not a hobby. You will get out of your business only what you are willing to put into it. You must define your "reasons why" you are doing the business, develop a plan, put the plan to a schedule, and keep to the schedule. Establish 90 day goals, and a detailed step-by-step process for achieving your goal, then reevaluate your goal every 30 days. The most important element you must do to achieve success is to put forth a consistent effort. You can work your business full time, or you can work your business part time, but you can't be successful if you work your business "some time". Do something every week, if not every day. Your business is like a piece of fruit, it is either ripening, or it is rotting. Team up with your upline and your downline, and develop a plan for success, and stick to it!

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What to look for in a compensation plan.

The compensation plan is one of the most important considerations in choosing the company or opportunity. Of equal importance is the product of service of you company. A very important question to ask yourself is, "If I could not earn commissions or retail profit from selling this product, would I still be a customer. If the answer to that question is not "Yes" then it will be difficult to be successful. It is much easier to succeed in a company with a product or service you believe in.

The problem with most compensation plans is that, in order to attract new people, they are heavy in the up-front money and the recruiting bonuses. This is because people want immediate satisfaction. One of the most frequent questions I get is "How fast can I start making good money". That is important, but not nearly as important as "How long can I continue to receive residual income", and "after I build a good business, will it continue to grow and prosper after I stop actively recruiting." You may have seen the presentation that a penny doubled every day grows to over ten million dollars by the thirtieth day. But did you realize that after ten days it has grown to only $10.23, after fifteen days it has only grown to $327.67? In a compensation plan that provides solid residual income, the same is usually true. The real reward is the residual income (after the thirtieth day) not the initial enrollment money. I would much rather a comp plan provide me only $10 for enrolling someone and a six figure residual income for helping my people build a solid business than to get paid $3,000 per month in enrollment bonuses and have no income should I become sick or disabled or choose to retire.

There is only so much money that can be paid from the sale of a product. Some companies focus on paying people fast, while others focus on paying growing residual income. In a company that pays too much of the commissions to the new people will find it difficult to keep those people when their money starts going to new people, and leaves nothing to compensate the people who have worked long and hard. You can't have residual income if your business is dependent upon you continuing to work the business.

Look for a compensation plan that provides incentive for supporting and training your downline to be successful. You should not have to compete against your downline to obtain the money you want. You should be rewarded for not only building a business, but sustaining a business. Beware of compensation plans which cut off your growth and future earning potential as a penalty for helping your downline succeed.

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What about start up costs in a home business.

Look for a business that does not require a huge investment to get started, but realize that a REAL business DOES have overhead and start-up costs associated with it. Beware of opportunities that claim there are not expenses involved in starting and growing your business. "Join for free!" One of the great advantages about network marketing is that the start up costs range only between $500 and $2,500. This is much less than most other businesses with start up costs of $10,000 and much more. Therein lies one of the common reasons for failure in this industry. If someone goes deeply into debt to raise the funds to start their business, they will work 12-16 hours per day seven days per week hoping to build a (non residual) income of between $50,000 and $75,000 per year after five to seven years. In network marketing it is possible to create a large six or even seven figure RESIDUAL income after only 2-4 years working 5-15 hours per week, and with start-up costs below $3,000. Because people have so little invested in the startup, many of them treat it as a hobby instead of a business. They don't put comparable efforts into their home business as they would a J.O.B., and expect the outcome to produce greater results anyway. (Usually because of the hype they believed from the person who enrolled them).

I have very little empathy for people when they tell me they just don't have the money to get started. It is a matter of priorities. What I hear when they tell me that is that they just don't want it bad enough to make the necessary sacrifices to do whatever it takes to make a change in their lives. Having been in a situation where I had no money and no income, and probably in a much worse position than 98% of the people who tell me they can't afford to start a business, I can share some advice with you.   When you get tired of never getting ahead of your bills and want to put that problem behind you, you need to do something to change that. Ask yourself three simple questions.
1 - Where do I want to be in 2-5 years?
2 - What is my plan to reach my goals?
3 - What have I done today to change my life to be able to reach my goals?  

When I was introduced to this industry we had just lost everything to a con-man. We lost our home, our life savings, my business, and the con-man left me about $500,000 in debt. Without a source of income and a huge debt, I made a decision that I did not like being in this situation and realized my situation would not change unless I made it change.   I saw this industry as a way to solve my financial problems, instead of using my financial situation as an excuse as to why I could not make a change. It cost $1,540 to start my first home business, and without any source of income and a huge debt, I did not have $1,540. But I was not going to let $1,540 stand between me and financial independence. I found a way to come up that $1,540, just like people find the money to have their car repaired when it breaks down, or purchase a new refrigerator when it stops working, or have the furnace repaired when it fails. It is all a matter of priorities. Not wanting yourself or your family to freeze to death is a pretty good incentive for most people to find the money to have their furnace repaired when it breaks down in the middle of the coldest part of winter.

After finding the $1,540 and starting my home business, we went on to become top income earners in four different companies. We learned that the way to be financially independent was to help many other people solve their financial problems and become financially independent. We have helped many other people be able to quit their job and come home to raise their kids, pay off their bills, get out of debt, buy a new home or automobile, support their church or charity, have more time with the family.   We enjoy nothing more than to help people with financial problems to turn their lives around and put those debt problems behind them. As my grandfather always said, "You must stop chopping wood long enough to sharpen the ax." If and when you decide to stop and develop a plan to resolve you financial problems, keep my phone number and email, and give me a call. If you are serious about putting your financial problems behind you, and you are coachable, we are ready to show you a simple and proven procedure to resolve your financial problems and you will never again have to say, "Right now I don't even have the money to pay attention"   

I can show you how you can build a successful business and have the things you have always wanted and deserved, but I can't make you do it. That will depend if you really want to be rid of you financial problems, or if you just like having something to complain about.

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So why do so many fail in network marketing?

It is very misleading to say that most people fail at Network Marketing. The fact is that most people fail at any small business startup attempt. It has been said that more than 85% of all attempts of starting a small business never get to celebrate their first anniversary, and that 95% fail within the first five years.

I can't justifiably attempt to tell you why most people are not successful with other small businesses, but I believe I can explain why most fail in Network Marketing.

The reason I feel qualified to give advice in Network Marketing is because I have been a top income earner with the fastest growing organization in four different Network Marketing companies. It is not hard to find people with Network Marketing experience, but it is much more difficult to find people with Network Marketing success. It is very rare to find someone who has proven success in four different companies.

One common reason people seem to fail at Network Marketing is because they simply don't have the experience to know how to select a good company. The failure rate for start-up Network Marketing companies is very high. You can't say that a person failed just because their company failed. In fact, I seriously believe that being a distributor with a company that failed, is a valuable experience. You can learn from the company failure and be better qualified at knowing what to look for in the future. Problem is that most people do not rebound well after a failed attempt. Not all of my attempts have been a success. I have never failed at working a home business, but many home business have failed me. I learn from each and every experience and used the valuable information I learn to succeed at subsequent attempts. A failed attempt is not a failure if you benefit from it.

The most common reason people fail in Network Marketing is lack of proper training. Most people get into Network Marketing by being enrolled by someone who does not have any more experience than the new person they enrolled. They are probably working part time, not making any money, and honestly don't have a clue as to the difference between selling and Network Marketing. Believe me, there is a major difference. This situation continues upline. Their sponsor learned from others who were never successful who learned from others who where never successful, etc. They have been fed a line of hype that far exceeded the reality of what they should have expected.

So what is the solution? That is actually quite simple.
 1 - Find a solid company that has been in business for at least 10 years.
 2 - Enroll with someone with a proven track record for success and for teaching others to be successful
3 - Be coachable. Be open to learning from successful people and don't feel like you "have a better way."

Or to make it even more simple, just follow the advice on this web site, and give me or Dianne a call.

People who are successful at Network Marketing and building lasting residual income are people who focus on helping their downline organization be successful. Find that person. In fact you already have found that person if you just open your eyes, your mind and do your due diligence.

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How do I find prospects for my business?

There are endless methods for generating leads for your business. I have used them all with varying levels of success.

First let me say that almost all methods of lead generating work if you take time to learn the proper way to use the various methods. There are people who are successful with almost every method and there are people who realize NO beneficial results. The trick is to learn the proven techniques from those who are successful.

Some of the tools I have used to generate leads are: Purchase leads, Blogs, Lead Capture web sites, advertising in newspapers magazines and radio, Warm Market, Cold Calling, Social Networking, Referrals, etc.

All of the lead generating methods work, but some can be very expensive and time consuming. I can't possibe go into detail on how to use each and every one of these techniques. If you want more detail in any of these techniques, find people who are successful using them. A word of caution, be suspicious of people who are selling leads or who are trying to recruit you into a lead MLM. I will take time to share what has proven to be the most successful approach I have used.

First understand that if you have a good product that people need at a fair price, people are looking for what you have to offer them. Look for those people who are looking for what you have. Don't waste a lot of time "selling" your product to people who have no interest in your product.

If you have a product of value that people want and can benefit from, then you sort, not sell, your product. You simply take a few seconds to see if they are interested. If they show no interest, then don't try to sell them. If they show interest, your duty is to provide them with information about your product and/or opportunity. If you try to sell them you will be driving them away.

You will often here people in this industry talk about the "NFL" club. (No Friends Left). Claiming that they have run off all of their friends who run when they see you coming. If this is the case, you simply are trying to sell, not share .

If you have a product or opportunity that can help your friends and family, you have a moral and ethical obligation to tell them about it. If they are not interested, that is fine. You have done your part by notifying them about it.

If you know of a great sale or good restaurant or great movie or have found a great book that you feel they would want to know about, do you have a problem of sharing it with them? Of course not. You owe it to them to share the information if you care about them and truly want to help them.

Don't worry about rejection. If you simply ask them if they want information and they say no, they are not rejecting you, so don't be offended. If you offered them a cup of coffee and they said "no thank you", are they rejecting you? Do you continue to push them to take the coffee even after they have said no? Of course not. Sharing your opportunity is no different.

Your are sorting everyone you know or meet into two groups. Those who are interested, and those who are not. You share your information with those who are looking for what you have to share. Those who are serious looking for what you have to share will most likely purchase your product or join your team.

At the time they join your team, is the very best time to ask them who they know that might also be interested in hearing about your product/opportunity. You simply repeat the process of sorting with their warm market.

You simply duplicate the process of sharing with your warm market, your new distributors, warm market, their new distributors warm market, and so on to infinity.

With this process you will never run out of leads, and you will never spend a penny on leads or advertising. You will be sharing your product/opportunity with an infinite number of leads. Some call this Six Degrees of Separation." Look it up!

If this does not work for you, you simply are doing it wrong!

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